VS THE WORLD: Wear your pride. Wherever you hail from.

In 2023, two brothers from rival Ohio and Michigan cities, fueled by sibling banter and a shared love for their hometowns, hatched an idea: VS THE WORLD. It started as a friendly challenge, each designing a shirt boasting their city's pride, but the response from friends was overwhelming. Soon, the concept blossomed into a website, offering everyone around the globe the chance to wear their own city, state, or country on their chest with a resounding "VS THE WORLD."

    • Hometown pride, global reach: We celebrate the unique identity of every corner of the earth, uniting people through a shared sense of belonging.
    • Quality over quantity: We design and print everything in-house, using top-quality inks and soft cotton for apparel that lasts and feels great. We only print on clothes we'd wear ourselves.
    • Supporting local: Our pride starts at home. Our screen shop in Columbus, Ohio, breathes life into your hometown heroes.
    • Empowering local businesses: Our wholesale program lets your local store carry your local pride, spreading the love in every community.